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Pick Yourself

Last weekend I gave up on sending out resumes for a summer internship. It doesn’t work. I finally realized that I was waiting to get picked. I was waiting for someone to say, “We want you!”. Every job application would take about an hour. You’re asked to upload your resume, then fill in special text … Continue reading

Speed Reading

Having always been an avid reading and a Teddy Roosevelt fan, I’ve always wanted to not just learn how to speed read but to consistently practice it. You may have heard how Teddy Roosevelt devoured a book a day. He was a speed reader. Over the last month I’ve become more consistent with my reading … Continue reading

Living Strenuously

Living Strenuously is about intentionally adapting to change. Entropy in the universe is constantly increasing. In day to day life we are constantly exposed to external forces that would  dethrone our plans. We must be ready to act, rather than react. I’m pledging to make an effort in my life to adapt, and to pursue strategies … Continue reading